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We Make a Difference!

*Content Warning*

Cruelty cases are the focus of our shelter.
We've decided to post a few of our cases from over the years, but these are real stories with pictures & videos, viewer discretion is advised.

Linc: from mangy mutt to suave sweetheart 

Linc came into our facility in December 2019 almost completely bald from mange. Other than a few scars on his face, he regrew all his coat. He was the sweetest dog and so deserving of the great home he found.

Linc intake.jpg
Linc 1219.jpg
Linc4 032020.jpg

Can you believe it's the same dog??

Linc smilling.jpg

Rocko: fur ball, fur sure

In April 2020, we met local law enforcement to pick up this little ball of fur. The condition he was in from neglect was disgraceful. In addition to his nails being almost an inch long, his hair was matted so thick and covered so much of his body that it was almost impossible to get through. In the end we were able to get a Rocko-sized mat off intact! Even though this poor guy had been severely neglected he was the most lovable pup and found his fur-ever home!


Nambe: nabbed a volunteer's heart

After being found in a rural construction site, unable to walk, he was rushed to Hammond Vet Services where he had x-rays taken. However, they weren't able to determine much as the growth plates were so open... because he was less than 6 weeks old. He was given a course of steroids to reduce inflammation and after a few weeks, started using his back legs! He was adopted by one of his volunteer caretakers!


Angel: double dose of damage

This angel, so rightly named, came in after she was found lying in a canal. She was bleeding from her mouth and nose from blunt force trauma. On a follow up visit to the vet after recovery, we found out that she had developed mammary tumors. She went through surgery for removal and then went home for round 2 of recovery, this time with her brand new family!

This sweet boy was found in a dumpster behind a grocery store. He appeared to have a hurt leg, but was otherwise in good spirits! We initially thought the vet would be able to save his leg...but due to the severity of the injury the best option was amputation. Juaneno was up and walking the next day and never stopped. In fact, he runs faster than some of our other dogs! We are happy to say that he found his fur-ever home!!

Juaneno: the 3-legged wonder

After being found at Walmart in Hammond in deplorable condition, Wally (see what we did there?) was taken to the vet. They had to cut off a pile of matted hair before an evaluation could be done. He was matted so badly he couldn’t see. His entire body was covered in sores and abscesses, infested with fleas, abscessed tooth, cataracts and KCS (dry eye) in one eye.

Wally: cleans up nice!

Shi Tzu3 Jan2020.jpg

Eventually he was ready for a spa day at Pippy’s Puppy Parlor where he got a bit of his swag back!

Shih Tzu Jan 2020.jpg
Shih Tzu2 Jan 2020.jpg

He was given medicated baths and soaks daily, antibiotics, pain meds and medication for his eye.

Snobelle & Chopsly: it's a cruel, cruel world

The precious things were brought to us by a good samaritan who found them near an interstate exit — they had had their tails and ears cut off. We treated the wounds, got rid of their puppy parasites and got them adopted!

Chopsly and Snobelle jan2020.jpg

It's unimaginable what humans are capable of, but these little loves survived it and that's all that matters!

Chopsley and broth Jan 2020.jpg

We've deliberately chosen stories with happy endings for our site,
but the sad reality is that 
not all have them. 
Please report cruelty and encourage the spaying and neutering of pets.

Eventually he was ready for a spa day at Pippy’s Puppy Parlor where he got a bit of his swag back!

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