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All About Fostering



Foster parents provide temporary care for dogs and puppies in their own Tangipahoa Parish area homes.  By offering your time, energy, love and home to these animals, you are helping to prepare an animal for adoption into their loving fur-ever home, as well as reducing overcrowding in our shelters.


The most common reasons animals require foster care include:

     •   Nursing puppies.  You would foster the mother and the litter.

     •   Dogs and puppies who are being treated for illness or injury.

     •   Dogs and puppies and who need special attention outside of a shelter environment.


THS provides care and medicine for foster animals.


The foster parent volunteers provide time, pet supplies such as cat litter, food, a place in their home and lots of love.


If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact us.


Check back here to see the animals in need of foster care.



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