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Welcome to Tangi Humane Society


Tangi Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer humane society located in Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana.  We take an active role in investigating cruelty cases in our parish, and most of our adoptables are from investigations we have been a part of.   Each year, we take in many animals and find them loving fur-ever homes.  Read about our Happy Tails - success stories of THS rescues who have found their happily every after.


We cannot accept all owner surrenders and homeless animals that are brought in.

Our priority is to rescue animals that are victims of cruelty, neglect and abuse.  We work to shelter, heal and rehome as many of these rescues as we can.  Our primary focus is with dogs; we are no longer set up for cats.   We have limited space, and our resources are used for these cases.  We do not like turning down owner surrenders or strays, but we do not always have available space to take them in due to cruelty cases. For more information, please contact us.


Almost every weekend we hold Adoption Events to help find fur-ever homes for our adoptable pets, as well as to inform the public of what we do.  Visit and Like us on Facebook to view photos of our adoptables and view upcoming events.


Since we are non-profit, we are very thankful for donations from our supporters, and for our many hard-working volunteers.  For more information on how you can help, go to the Help THS page.



Help us reunite lost pets with their families! Check our Facebook page daily to see if you can reunite or just share the message. 


Click the Donate button below to donate to our PayPal account!  Thank you in advance!

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Tangi Makes a Difference

Although our page may not reflect our ongoing cases, we are constantly dealing with them.  Just to give you an idea. . . .

In September of 2020, Juaneno was one of our most interesting arrivals. A good samaritan found him in a dumpster behind a grocery store in a popular shopping center. He appeared to have a hurt leg, but was otherwise in good spirits! We brought him to our vets and initially thought we would be able to save his leg... due to the severity of the injury the best option was amputation. Juaneno was up and walking the next day and never stopped. In fact he runs faster than some of our other dogs! We are happy to say that he found his furever home!!

In September of 2020, things seemed to come in bunches --hurricanes and mange cases.  These three were some of the worst mange cases we had seen in a long, long time.  Although our funding was extremely low due to lack of donations, we could not say no to any of the 3 cases.  We can't wait to see them all better. 

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In August 2020, little Nambe was brought to us after being found in a rural construction site, unable to walk.  He was less than 6 weeks old.  We immediately brought him to Hammond Vet Services where he was examined and x-rays taken.  However, due to his extremely young age, they were unable to tell if anything was actually broken as the growth plates were so open.  He was given a course of steroids to reduce inflammation and after a few weeks, started using his back legs.  He was adopted by one of his volunteer caretakers!


    In July 2020, a UPS driver noticed 4 black puppies on the side of a country highway.  He messaged the information in but by the time people got there, the pups had scattered. In a joint effort of good Samaritans, 2 ended up with us and 2 at Northshore Humane.  Snake was so named as we determined that he must have been snakebitten, his face was extremely swollen. Both pups’ coat condition was horrible and bellies full of worms.  With lots of medicated baths, wormer and antibiotics, both recovered their cute puppy personalities and their coats.  They have now been adopted.

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In April 2020, we met local law enforcement to pick up little Rocko; the condition he was in from neglect was deplorable.  We did our best to shave him down. The matted hair was thick and covered so much of his body that it was almost impossible to get through and caused sores. We shaved a mat off of him that was as big as he was. His nails were about an inch long. Even though this poor guy had been severely neglected he was the most lovable pup and found his fur-ever home.

In January, these puppies  were found on an abandoned 100 acre lot under an old broke down truck, with two puppies already dead. Unfortunately after having them about 2 weeks we discovered they had parvo. The incubation period for parvo is 10-14 days and their prior parvo test was negative. We did what we could do to save them, giving them IV fluids twice a day, antibiotics, and a warm safe kennel.  Some survived to go to fur-ever homes, unfortunately some didn’t.

In the middle of January, Angel came in after she was found laying in a canal. She was bleeding from her mouth and nose from a blunt force trauma. After she recovered from that we brought her back to the vet and found out she had mammary tumors. She went through surgery to have them removed and then went home to recovery with her furever family.

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After being found at Walmart in Hammond in deplorable condition in January 2020, Wally was taken to the vet. They had to cut off a pile of matted hair before an evaluation could be done.  He was matted so badly he couldn’t see.  His entire body was covered in sores and abscesses, infested with fleas, abscessed tooth, cataracts and KCS (dry eye) in one eye.  He was given medicated baths and soaks daily, antibiotics, pain meds and medication for his eye. He was finally ready for a spa day at Pippy’s Puppy Parlor where he got a bit of his swag back!

Snobelle and Chopsly were brought to us by a good samaritan who found them near an interstate exit in January—they had had their tails and ears cut off.  We treated the wounds, got rid of their puppy parasites and got them adopted.  We did get one “after” pic to show the healed ears.

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Linc came into our facility in December 2019 almost completely bald from mange. Other than a few scars on his face, he regrew all his coat. He was the sweetest dog and so deserving of the great home he found.

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Cupid was one of a litter of boxer pups that was dumped on the side of the road in Dec 2019, and was brought immediately to Hammond Veterinary Service where he was in critical condition. His temperature was way too low so he got warm IV fluids on a heating pad with heated gloves to bring his temperature up. He had an infection about half the size of a golf ball on his neck so had an antibiotic shot. Hammond Veterinary Services did everything they could to save him, but lost the battle.  The other pups in the litter were completely infested with round worms, hookworms, and were anemic.  

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