THS Adoptables

If you're interested in adopting, please CLICK HERE to download the dog adoption

application, or call or come by during normal business hours to fill out an application

for any animal.

Our adoption fees include spay/neuter and initial vaccination costs. 

The dog adoption fee is $150.  




You can also visit PetFinder or our Facebook page to view our current adoptables.

Microchipping is now available for only $25, and includes a free lifetime registration

for your pet.


If you're interested in fostering one of our dogs, please click here.

Featured Adoptables


Here are a few of the THS adoptables who have either been at the shelter too long, or do not have as high of a chance for adoption as others. 


For more information on these special babies, contact us!

Shelby came to us from an abandonment situation--the owners were evicted but she was left--tied to a tree with no food or water!  Needless to say she was not in the best of condition but you would never know it now!  She has a glossy coat and a happy disposition--unless someone stops petting her or giving her attention.  She looks to be a boxer mix and we estimate her to be around 2-3 years old; she gets along ok with MOST other dogs, but we ALWAYS encourage a meet and greet to be sure.  She is great with kids but does need some leash training as she is quite the puller.  We had her out at a local pub and she was ready to greet all the customers with a kiss.  Please consider giving this sweet girl a new start in life. She has had all her worming, immunizations, rabies and has been spayed. 


Fairy Tail-waggin' Happily Ever Afters

Our little ones going home to new loves and happily ever after homes!

2018 Adoptions

Yuna 0618
Yoko 0618
Skip 0618
Sammy 0618
Roscoe 0618
Poppy 0618
Luigi 0618
Landon 0618
Blanche 0618
Jaeger 0618
Honey 0618
Gunner n Titan 0618
Elsa 0618
Acadia 0618
Tigger 0518
Molly 0518
Nala 0518
Mako 0518
Legolas 0518
Colt 0518
Carys 0518
Jade 0518
Polly 0418
Wilma 0418
Barney and Fred 0418
Arya 0418
Tulip 0318
Scarlett 0418
Taffy 0418
Sauron 0318
Minnie 0418
Maple 0418
Lilac 0318
Apollo 0418
Betty 0418
Buck 0418
Galadriel 0418
Glenda 0418
Hansel and Gretel 0418
Lena 0418
Crystal 0318
Bilbo 0318
Tulip 0318
Celeborn 03182
Arya 0318
Smiley 0318
Scarlett 0318
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Prior Years Adoptions

William 1217
Zeus 1217
Rosy 1217
Sara 1217
Riku 1217
Romeo 1217
Maybelline 1217
Peaches 1217
Lila 1217
Leo 1217
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1216 Dobby
1216 Rocky
1216 Vixen
1216 Toby
1216 Dancer_LI
1216 Buffy
1216 Stitch
1216 Matt
1216 Polly
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1216 Sandy
1216 Pansy
1216 Ginny
1216 Ben
1216 Gia
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1216 Echo
1216 Bongo
1216 Cupid
1216 Elliot
1216 Enzo
1216 Skipper
1216 Shiloh
1216 Shelby
1216 Murphy
1216 Peaches
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1216 Peaches